4 Best Tiles for Your Garage

What are the best tiles for your garage?

  1. Use Asphalt Tiles
  2. Explore The KYD Collection
  3. Incorporate Gravel
  4. Try Stonehedge Tiles


Although often forgotten about, the garage is an important area in every home. It is a spacious place where the cars are parked, the kids play, and even where special occasions are held. Furthermore, the garage is the first thing your neighbors see from the outside. If you are planning to renovate your garage area, it only makes sense to do so with the best garage tiles that are stylish and functional. Read on to know more about this.


Use Asphalt Tiles

Use Asphalt Tiles

[20×20] 2022 + [20×20] 2023 + [20×20] 2024

What makes asphalt tiles an ideal garage flooring choice is that they are designed specifically for damp conditions. Not only are they inexpensive, but they are also slip-resistant.

If you are ready to give your garage floor the upgrade it deserves, take a look at this asphalt tile collection. The 2023 and 2024 will do the trick in adding a rustic touch to the area. You might be surprised at how the gray and light gray colors are very similar to the appearance of wet concrete.

The material of the asphalt collection is extremely resistant to mold and fungal spores, mild acids, oils, and grease. This is what makes them perfect even for the most hectic DIY car projects you plan to pursue. It is also easy to clean. All it takes to get rid of dirt is a simple damp mop!


Explore The KDY Collection

Explore The Kdy Collection

[20×20] KDY205 + [20×20] KDY295

These tiles, namely the KDY205 and the KDY295 will remind you of the endless ways tiles can spruce up your garage.

The classic dark gray KDY295 is a common color used for garage flooring. However, if you take a closer look, it actually has an off white design with a black dots pattern. On the other hand, the KDY205 has a rustic dirty white color with a black dots pattern as well.

You don’t always have to be limited to dark-colored tiles. Not only does the KDY collection instantly add a bit of warmth to your garage, but they also offer an opportunity for customization as well. With a little bit of creativity, you can mix and match these tiles to give your garage a subtle yet unique style.

These are also resistant to mold, mildew, stains, and water. The best part of all? The KDY collection is relatively easy to install in your garage.


Incorporate Gravel

Incorporate Gravel

[20×20] 2031P + [20×20] 2032P + [20×20] 2030P + [20×20] 2033P + [20×20] 2029P

The gravel collection is like a secret weapon in garage flooring. Many people don’t even realize these types of tiles exist and can really take your garage to the next level.

It offers you the same durability and functionality as the asphalt tiles. But, once you take a good look, you will notice that the 2031P, 2032P, and 2030P has a texture that aims to withstand slips. When floors absorb too much water, they tend to become soggy and compromise strength. Luckily, the design makes them resistant to water absorption as well.

In addition, these floor tiles are hard to stain. You don’t have to worry about oil or skid marks staining your floors permanently for they are easy to clean with just a mop and some anyway. The 2033P and the 2029P will be a great addition if you plan on going for a minimalist and classic color so check them out too!


Try Stonehedge Tiles

Try Stonehedge Tiles

[60×60] P122-4 + [60×60] P139-4 + [60×60] P123-4

The stone-like design of this collection will not only add an interesting texture, but it will also transition your garage design to the nearby garden with ease.

Aside from making the area more coherent with nature, the tiles in the Stonehedge collection will do wonders for adding more grip to your garage flooring. Given the individual stones of P122-4 and P139-4, you are assured that your tiles are free from slip hazards due to water.

On the other hand, the P123-4 is a great matte and rectified porcelain tile that can add a hint of mosaic-like patterns to your garage. It can easily increase the visual appearance of the space!


Key Takeaway

As the garage is an area with many purposes, it would be best to renovate it with only the best garage tiles that have stylish yet functional designs. With a variety of choices in this list, you would definitely find the right match for your own space.

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