Best Tile Designs for Patios and Balconies

What are the best exterior tile designs for patios and balconies?

  1. 60×60 Grove Collection
  2. 60×60 Solar Stone Collection
  3. 30×30 Cobblestone Collection
  4. 30×30 Cancun Collection


Your home’s exterior design is just as important as your interiors. You are not only cultivating a space that exudes a captivating look and relaxing atmosphere but also helps give a great first impression of your house as well. Along with adding outdoor furnishings and fixtures, exterior tile designs are another element that can enhance sections such as patios and balconies. Tiles add another layer of style and color to any part of your home, which is something that your outdoor areas can greatly benefit from.


What are the best tiles for patios and balconies?

Patios and balconies are an important part of your home, as you have an outdoor space where you can enjoy and relax in the beautiful views. It is essential to implement the most fitting exterior tile design, as you would want to seamlessly elevate the overall look. Here are some of the best exterior tiles for your patios and balconies:


Grove Collection

Grove Collection

60×60 Grove Collection

If you are looking to add a rustic wooden or stone look the 60×60 Grove Collection has the ideal selection of exterior tiles for you. Patios and balconies are outdoor places to unwind, which is why you can further develop the atmosphere and look with these subtle rustic designs.

The Grove Collection offers designs such as Ash (M61) and Natural (M62) are ideal options that create a warm and relaxing space. For classic wood patterns, you can go with Spiral (M104), Light Cedar (ME6028), and Cedar (ME6503).


Solar Stone Collection

Solar Stone Collection

60×60 Solar Stone Collection

Stone-look outdoor tiles are a classic patio staple. They add texture that blends in with the natural look of your garden and yard. The 60×60 Solar Stone Collection provides a great set of matte and rustic designs that are a perfect fit for outdoor areas. Compared to other stone-look tile collections, the Solar Stone Collection carries a set of neutral colors that provide more subtlety.

Designs in this collection include Light Gray (G0AE-31EA) and Dark Gray (G0AE-51EA) which are shades that magnificently mesh with your exteriors. White (G0AE-01EA), Creme (G0AE11EA), and Beige (G0AE-21EA) offer lighter colors that are ideal for contemporary homes, while Brown (G0AE-41EA) and Black (G0EA-61EA) provide more down to earth shades.


Cobblestone Collection

Cobblestone Collection

30×30 Cobblestone Collection

Patterned tiles work very well for patios and balconies because they can diversify the design by incorporating more tone and textures that show depth and character. Using these kinds of tiles also allows you to develop a more consistent and balanced home, as you have matching tiles that you can use throughout different outside spaces. This makes the 30×30 Cobblestone Collection an excellent set, as you have patterns that add the right amount of color and deepness.

You can choose stone patterns like the Sandstone (L52), Flagstone (L53), and Paver, which has a more natural appeal. If you are looking for more symmetric patterns, Gravel (L49), Light (I-3459), and Tier (I-3449-2) are classic patterns that infuse a good amount of glow to the outdoor areas of your home.


Cancun Collection

Cancun Collection

30×30 Cancun Collection

Another set of tiles that can infuse depth and texture to your patios and balconies is the 30×30 Cancun Collection. This collection offers a set of patterned and stone-look options that add a natural grace to your home’s exterior.

There are two designs in this collection, namely Rust (I-3466-7) and Aztec (I-3465). Rust is a natural design that blends in well with stone-look exteriors, while Aztec offers a beautiful pattern that would look great in any patio or balcony.


Key Takeaway

Exterior design is crucial in completing the look of your home, which is why adding the right tiles to your patios and balconies is a must. By picking these designs, you would be able to have the best outdoor spaces that emit a good balance between functionality and style. Visit the nearest FC Tile Depot to learn more!