5 Best Tile Collections for A Cozy Home

What are the best tile collections for a cozy home?

  1. Whalemax
  2. Cafe
  3. Vivere
  4. Subway
  5. Classic


With everyone across the world spending more time inside their homes, many people are trying to design their spaces with cozy tile collections. Of course, you would surely want to come home to an inviting, warm, and relaxing room that is free from stress and worries as well.

A cozy home can make your whole family feel free to unwind and just sprawl around. It can also help you showcase the most stylish design trends in your spaces. Lastly, making a home conducive to relaxation is often inexpensive. You can ask any tile supplier in the Philippines for affordable cozy tile collections and easily find a design that you’ll love! Ready to spruce up your home? Here’s a guide on the best tile collections for creating a cozy home.




[90×180] Whalemax

The [90×180] Whalemax collection is a tiles design in the Philippines that is often seen in cozy, lavish homes. With its marble look, it has a free-flowing vein texture that is reminiscent of the luster of precious stones and a beautiful polished finish.

Whalemax has an unparalleled beauty that gives spaces a sense of serenity. Used in kitchen countertops and tabletops, these marble-look tiles will instantly create a high-end look. Used in larger areas such as for a room’s wall tile, you can create a head-turning, elegant space, perfect for those who want to make an inviting statement.

The best thing about using the Whalemax tile collection is that it has a low water absorption rate. It can be used as floor tiles in high foot traffic areas of your home such as the living room and kitchen for a cozy look that pays attention to the functionality as well.




[30×30] Cafe

For many aspiring home designers, tiles with neutral colors like brown, creme, white, black, and gray can provide the perfect base for a cozy and warm space. This is why the [30×30] Cafe tile collection is ideal for creating a laid-back ambiance. But keep in mind that when done wrong, neutral colors can also look dull and unappealing.

While designing your rooms, remember to avoid an uninteresting look. A good way to go about this is to add furniture and accessories with different textures and make the [30×30] Cafe tile of your choice as a harmonious backdrop. Bringing in furniture with natural textures like rattan, wicker, and wood is always a no-fail choice in creating a cozy and calming ambiance.




[20×30] Vivere

The [20×30] Vivere tile collection has calming and earthy tones, making it ideal for creating a cozy home. The Vivere 264B in Verde takes inspiration from nature with its cool, muted hue and offers a serene vibe when used in spaces. One look at the tile is enough to say it has a Zen-like and soothing design that provides a haven from the chaotic outside world.

During these times, people need more optimism and confidence to start anew. So, using the Vivere tile collection can help you and your loved ones remain hopeful.




[10×30] Subway

The [10×30] Subway tile collection comes in a variety of colors, which makes it versatile for designing any room in your home. While originally used for NYC subway systems, subway tiles rapidly rose to popularity because of their clean look, glazed finish, and excellent stain resistance. Subway tiles aren’t going out of style anytime soon because it creates a cozy environment as well.

You can use the Subway 13UDQ3 in Pink to add a pastel touch to your bathroom. Pastel hues are often associated with springtime wherein flowers are in full bloom. So, adding pastel subway tiles can make you feel more connected to nature.

If you want to stick to a serene look that embraces minimalism to the fullest, try using the Subway 13UAW1 in White. These tiles will look harmonious with sprawling windows, simple artworks, neutral fixtures, and elegant pendant lights.




[60×60] Classic

Any house that uses the [60×60] Classic tile collection will remind you of rustic farmhouses. It will never fail to bring you a rush of comforting nostalgia every time you come home from a long day at work. Try using the Classic CB6111 in Spring Cotton. Its natural wood-like design brings in a cozy vibe that is often felt when living in the province side.


Key Takeaway

In this article are some of the best cozy tile collections. The best thing about using cozy tiles is that they make the home feel more inviting, soothing, and warm. It can subtly influence the emotions of people in your home by relieving their stress.

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