Best Subway Tile Designs for Your Kitchen and Bathroom

The kitchen and bathroom are areas of your home where tiles are most prominent. These tiles are an essential aspect of the overall design. They play a fundamental role when it comes to adding more color and texture to your rooms. While there are many types of wall and floor tiles in the Philippines that can add another layer of style to your home, one of the most ideal options are subway tiles.

Glossy and stylish, subway tiles provide your walls with a nice backsplash that will complement your immediate kitchen and bathroom appearance. Their mesmerizing shine also makes sure that every corner will be enlivened. If you are looking to add a fresh look to your walls, these subway tiles are worth checking out.


What are the best subway tile designs for your kitchen and bathroom?

Subway tiles provide a sleek and clean feel for your walls, making them perfect for modern kitchen ideas. For the best subway tiles in the market, the Subway collection by FC Tile Depot offers some of the best colors for both your kitchen and bathroom. With that in mind, here are some designs and colors that you can add to your walls.



Subway Tiles 1

The kitchen is where you prepare and cook your meals at home, which is why keeping it as flawless and orderly as possible is paramount. Subway tiles elicit a more professional and modern charm to your walls by providing a crisp and clean façade that makes your kitchen stand out. If you are looking to spruce up your kitchen, use vibrant colors like Yellow (12GCL3) and Red (12GEK2). These colors help evoke a positive and productive energy that is surely welcome in the kitchen.

For a pure and clean elegance, you can go for White (12GAW1) and Black (12GDH1) for a more contemporary selection. These two neutrals provide a delightfully sophisticated backsplash and have become an immensely popular choice for a lot of different kitchen styles. Creme (13UBC1) is another neutral shade that works well in the kitchen, it oozes a subtler feel that is great for a cozier and calming atmosphere. Another color that is worth trying out on your kitchen walls is Green (12GDN3). This color works well if you are looking for a natural look while still establishing a clean wall design that seamlessly matches with all of the surrounding furniture. Brown (07NBC3) is another rustic and earthy color for your walls. It works best in kitchens with wood-look designs and patterns.



Subway Tiles 3

Similar to kitchens, bathrooms are places in your home where being neat and orderly is very important. Incorporating subway tiles can establish a more modern appeal that works really well. For the cleanest-looking design, White (12GAW1) will always be the best option for any wall design. White can blend in well with a host of different colors while still being able to stand out on its own. An all-white bathroom design also looks phenomenal with subway tiles, as they radiate a good amount of gloss that brings it all together.

If you are looking for something different, Creme and Moon (12GAB1) are outstanding neutral variations fit for more elaborate and opulent themes. If you have marble-look floor tiles, Creme and Moon will be able to magnificently blend right in and complete the overall refinement of your bathroom.

Another great color that would work really well with your bathroom walls is Blue (12GDM1), which works well with many different themes and designs. Blue adds a calming shade to your bathroom walls, creating a more relaxing feel that fits right in perfectly. The bathroom is designed to be a place where you can get refreshed and relaxed, and Blue is just the ideal color to capture that feeling.


Key Takeaway

Subway tiles not only brighten up your kitchen and bathroom, but they also help add a splash of color and bloom that elevates the entire design. By choosing these subway tiles, you will be able to find the most fitting colors to create the kitchen and bathroom interiors that you’ve always dreamed of. Click here to check out more subway tiles with FC Tile Depot!