Best Rustic Tile Designs for Your Home’s Walls

What are the best rustic tile designs for walls?

  1. 20×23 Linewood Collection
  2. 30×60 Hexa Collection
  3. 30×60 Brick Collection
  4. 20×20 Tropical Collection


Decorating and designing your home can be a very big challenge, as you have to make sure that you would be able to incorporate different colors and design concepts together to create a visually appealing and coherent design. This means making different types of design options, ranging from rustic tile designs to glossy paint colors to help you find the ideal combination. While there are many interior design ideas to choose from, one of the most popular ones that would look great in any kind of home is going for a rustic look.

A design that evokes a natural and homely feel, rustic interior design has emerged as one of the most popular design choices over the past few years, with more homes incorporating the design in their interiors. With natural and earth tones becoming very popular color choices for a lot of homes, rustic tile designs and patterns will be able to help establish your own design concept. There are many types of rustic tile patterns to choose from, which is why here are some of the best designs that are worth taking a look:


20×23 Linewood Collection

20x23 Linewood Collection

Along with rustic interior design, hexagonal tiles have also become very popular as of late, becoming a more popular fixture in homes and establishments everywhere. Compared to standard square and rectangle shapes, hexagonal tiles add a unique design element that would make your interiors stand out more.

If you are looking for an ideal hexagonal tile pattern that would offer you a lot of design choices, you can choose tiles from the Linewood 20×23 Collection. With designs and textures that evoke rustic wooden patterns, this collection provides you with a set of neutral shades you can choose from. Designs in this collection include Beige (A23SZLNW-BEO.M2U), Dark Beige (A23SZLNW-DBE.M2U), Dark Brown (A23SZLNW-DBR.M2U), Ivory(A23SZLNW-IVO.M2U) and Nut (A23SZLNW-NUO.M2U).


30×60 Hexa Collection

30x60 Hexa Collection

Another set of hexagonal tiles that would look good in your home’s interiors is the Hexa 30×60 Collection. Compared to the Linewood Collection, the Hexa Collection offers tiles that have a series of hexagonal patterns, allowing you to cover a larger area on your home’s walls. This would be ideal for the more spacious parts of your home such as your kitchen and living room, providing you with conforming patterns that create a nice uniform look.

This collection also makes use of neutral and rustic shades to great effect, which would surely work well together with various design concepts. Designs in this collection include Fair (NHC63013), Creme (NHC63015), Ash (NHC63015), White (NHC63001), Gris (NHC63012), and Chestnut (NHC63014).


30×60 Brick Collection

30x60 Brick Collection

Brick-look tiles another design option that evokes a rustic look and feel. Compared to using traditional bricks, these tiles offer the same look and texture, while being more durable and easy to install. These designs offer a nice natural look that also adds a bit of old-school charm to your home’s interiors. You can also install these tiles to your home’s exterior as well, providing your patios with textured brick designs that offer a nice rustic charm.

If you are looking for a more affordable and durable tile design that emulates classic brick patterns, then this collection should be your best choice. Tiles in this collection include Stone (I-3607), Pebble (I-3608), Palette (S364), White (Q361), and Brown (Q362).


20×20 Tropical Collection

20x20 Tropical Collection

A rustic tile pattern that would look great in the walls of your kitchen or bathroom are tiles from the Tropical 20×20 Collection. With different shades of white, beige, and green to choose from, you have a varied set of rustic designs that would look great in your home. These shades would fit in well with other rustic color and design choices, creating diverse and visually appealing interiors in the process. Tiles in this rustic collection include Fair (2007), Creme (2016), Grid (2017), a darker shade of Fair (2025), Burnt Ocher (2019), Verde (2021), Ocher (P22-3), and Sage (2026).


Key Takeaway

Rustic interiors have become one of the most popular design concepts for a lot of homes lately, as it provides a natural and down-to-earth charm that creates a comfortable atmosphere. By choosing any one of these tile designs, you would be able to help create your own rustic interior design and elevate the look of your home. Click here to check out more designs with FC Tile Depot!