Best Bedroom Tile Ideas for Your Bedroom Floor

What are excellent bedroom tiles?

  1. Stone-Look Tiles
  2. Wood-Look Tiles
  3. Carpet-Look Tiles


The bedroom is the place in your home where you are able to rest, relax, and go to bed after a busy day. Bedrooms are designed to be very comfortable and inviting, which is why it is best to incorporate a design that creates the best atmosphere for your room.

One of the best ways to set the mood and feel of your bedroom is by picking the best floor tiles in the Philippines. Along with picking the right colors for your walls, setting the tone using floor tiles will allow you to have a consistent design that will only improve the overall look of your home’s bedroom. With a wide variety of tile designs to choose from, picking the right selection is important, which is why choosing from some of these designs will make your bedroom look even better than before.


What are the Best Bedroom Floor Tile Ideas?

When it comes to picking the best bedroom floor tiles, it is best to pick which material you would want to use along with buying only from a trusted local tiles provider. From classic ceramic and wood-look tiles to stone tiles, here are some of the best bedroom floor tile design ideas you should consider.


Stone-Look Tiles


30×30 Roma

Stone tiles provide a very natural and earthy atmosphere in your bedroom, which is why choosing a design from the 30×30 Roma collection is surely a great choice. With a selection of diverse patterns that provide that classic stony look for your room like the Braid (L33) and the Warm (L35), Roma offers you with quality designs that will add that natural charm to any bedroom. For best effect, it is best to use earthy tones of brown and beige on your walls to complement the overall design.


Wood-Look Tiles


20×100 Timber


15×60 Nara

For a more rustic and homely atmosphere, choosing wood-look tiles is the best option. While traditional wood tiles and panels provide great designs, wood-look tiles provide more durability, which makes it easier to clean, maintain, and replace. For the best wood-look effect in your bedroom, tiles from the 20×100 Timber line offer some of the most authentic-looking wood designs, along with some color variations that can help you set the tone. These classic wood patterns help add an authentic natural-look to your bedroom, and can complement a wide variety of palettes and styles.

From the classic look of designs such as the Chestnut (AI207), Oak (AI211), and Walnut (AI212), to color variations such as Burnt Ochre (AI206) and Blanc (AI208), the Timber collection offers the best wood-look designs that will add that down-to-earth charm for your bedroom.

Another set of wood-look tiles that you should try out for your bedroom is the 15×60 Nara collection, which offers designs that have an earthier look. Burnt Ochre (I-AI023), Walnut (I-AI024), and Ochre (I-AI022) offer the traditional wood patterns for your bedroom, while Taupe (I-AI020) and Butternut (AI021) offer something different that would make your bedroom quainter and charming.


Carpet-Look Tiles

Carpet Look Tiles

60×60 Textile

If you want a more relaxing surface, carpet-look tiles provide you with comfortable flooring that is perfect for your bedroom. Carpet-look tiles emulate the soft carpet surfaces, adding texture to your bedroom floor. For the best carpet-look tiles, you can choose tiles from the 60×60 Textile collection, which offer clean and subtle styles ideal for the bedroom.

You can choose from a variety of neutrals, such as Gray (M80), White (M77), and Ash (M78), all of which are great for bedrooms with a minimalist and contemporary style. You can also choose Crème (M81) and Ochre (M79) which are most fitting for bedrooms with warmer tones and rustic elements. Carpet-look tiles offer a unique look for your bedroom floor because of their versatility and ability to complement a variety of interior styles.


Key Takeaway

The bedroom is a room where you should feel relaxed and rested, which means setting the tone using floor tiles is surely the best way to go. By choosing these quality tile designs you will be able to elevate the look of your bedroom and add some much-needed atmosphere that will make your bedroom the most comfortable and inviting place in your home. Click here for more unique tile designs with FC Tile Depot!