5 Beautiful Home Patio Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

What are some good budget-friendly patio ideas?

  1. Create a vertical garden
  2. Go for a simple layout
  3. Add flooring
  4. Focal point wall
  5. Add tables and chairs


It’s definitely a luxury to have a patio at home. A well-designed backyard is already a vacation on its own. Plus, it’s a good area to bring the guests over! Although, many think that having a patio at home seems like something they’d have to splurge on, however, there are a bunch of patio ideas in the Philippines that prove that you don’t have to so much on making your outdoors look grand. You don’t even need to do a total overhaul! All you need is strategic planning, affordable decor, or even used furniture!

Today, we’ll show you how. No matter what size your outdoor space is, here are ways on how to create a stylish patio and upscale your backyard without spending a fortune! Continue reading for more.


Create A Vertical Garden

Patio Deck And Chair

[30×30] L53

If you’re limited on space, planting a vertical garden in your backyard is perfect for you. It is cost-effective and doesn’t take up any room on the floor. It is even a fun and enjoyable DIY activity to do. The best part is, there are so many ideas for vertical gardens! Herb gardens, hanging planters, succulents, hex wires, and more. It will bring life and color to your space straight away.


Go for a Simple Layout

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[60×60] G0SM-06

Creating the perfect ambiance and picturesque view for your outdoor space will depend on your patio layout. The way you arrange your outdoor furniture can make or break the look of your patio. If you are working with a limited area, keep the space simple. In order to achieve this, remember to prioritize practicality and function. Having a convenient and breathable setup for your patio will upscale your space instantly!


Add Flooring

[60x60] G0ka 01

[60×60] G0KA-01

Flooring may be all you need to make your patio look incredible, especially if your space is plain. For a cost-effective option, choose ceramic tiles. It is a reliable floor choice for outdoor flooring as they hold sufficient strength, slip-free, and will withstand any season. With this, your patio will be both stylish and functional. In addition, you even get to express your personal style since there is a vast range of ceramic tile options available.


Focal Point Wall

Empty Chair In Restaurant

[29.2×59.2] H-3B59913

If you don’t want to go all out with your look, adding a focal point wall will be your best bet. It can start your patio on the right foot with an attention-grabbing center that sets the mood of the overall space. There are so many things you can add to a bare wall to create a focal point — artwork, large mirrors, tapestry, and photos. Or, if you really want to take it up a notch, you can always utilize accent tiles. There will surely be something to suit your style.


Tables and Chairs

Empty Outdoor Patio Table And Chair With Cushions

[30×30] I-3465

If you’re looking to kick off your backyard soirées or your family gathering at your backyard, it only makes sense to add in some tables and chairs. It instantly adds functionality and personality to your patio. You don’t have to purchase any new ones either. Make use of what you have inside your home and you’ll be good to go. Just make sure that it will be the perfect fit and won’t take up too much of the space.


Key Takeaway

Always dreamed of having your own patio? Now is the perfect chance for you to achieve it! These patio ideas in the Philippines prove that you don’t need to do a complete renovation or spend a large amount on making your outdoors fabulous. Your dream patio is perfectly achievable with some strategic planning and a few affordable additions.

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