FC Tiles Beautiful Design Inspirations for Your Work Spaces

Excited to set up your very own office space? Then, you might have some ideas on how you want it to look once all the construction and interior are done. However, for those who are still in the dark with regards to how they want the space to turn out, give yourself some time to figure things out. If you really need some help, then don’t hesitate to look for some design inspirations. In this article, we’ll be giving you some, highlighting how to use tiles from the Philippines.

Tiles are often multifunctional. They will not only add up to the aesthetics to your floor, but also provide a proper flooring plan that is easy to maintain. The best thing about them is that there are many options for you to choose from—ceramic, marble, and even porcelain tiles from the Philippines. Your trusted tile provider—FC Tile Depot—is sure to have what you are looking for!

Let’s go ahead and see what kinds of design you can go for!



This design is ideal for those seeking for a modern office look. It gives off the perfect combination of strong elements and a soft atmosphere. It is most suitable for achieving an expansive look and feel to the office. Additionally, it will enable you to achieve a youthful vibe while still maintaining a professional atmosphere.

You can inject effort further by incorporating industrial-style furniture and other items around the office to complete this look. Walking into an industrial office design instantly makes you think about business but, at the same time, its creative potential will help you feel ready to take on your projects. The suitable tiles for this office design would be the [60×60] G0KA-03EA(2):

[60x60] G0KA-03EA(2)


Squeaky Clean

Going back to basics shouldn’t be a problem especially when you want to pull off a clean office look. This design is well-suited for corporations that houses established brands. Why? Because its professional vibe will reflect the vision of the company in engaging with clients. In designing a clean workplace appearance, you would need to establish a focal point in which you want to build your design around.

You can choose a main centerpiece in your office lobby surrounded by the essential parts of that area. Everything has to be planned accordingly—from the position of the furniture to your tiles from the Philippines.

For this type of design, enhance your flooring installation with the [60×60] LH6500 – ABA6500 Super White 60:

[60x60] LH6500 - ABA6500 Super White 60

This will give your space a squeaky clean look. Solid colors have the ability to present a clean vibe so choosing them as the type of flooring option will help you achieve this look with ease!



If you have a restaurant and want a separate office space for your workers, then a minimalist design will suit you just fine. Incorporating this design idea will make way for other elements in your workspace to stand out.

This is what you should aim to achieve in terms of design because it is probable that you will need it to promote the best aesthetic potential of your space. FC Tiles Depot’s [60×60] CB6111 should be a good choice for you:

[60x60] CB6111

Minimalist designs are also essential in promoting a clean and welcoming atmosphere because it will improve the overall atmosphere of your space. Offices that fail to be pleasing to the eyes of people tend to be too stuffy and cramped which is why you should definitely consider these design inspirations for your workspace.


Black and White

Dare to be bold with black and white tile patterns in your office. With this design inspiration, you are not only gunning for a more retro look, but you can also inject a bit of modern style to it thanks to the elements in your office.

Try the [20×20] MC03 B-side to achieve this look!

[20x20] MC03 B-side


Key Takeaway

These are just some of the design inspirations that you can use for your office space. Always remember that a great design in the workspace can go a long way in promoting a sound office environment.

Don’t worry too much because FC Tile Depot will be your partner in all of your tiling needs. You can’t go wrong with a beautiful tile installation in your office space because it can make all the difference in injecting creativity in the design that you are aiming for. From ceramic tiles to porcelain tiles in the Philippines, see our wide range of tile products here!