What Architects Look for in Ceramic Tiles in the Philippines

What do architects look in ceramic tiles in the Philippines?

  1. Durability
  2. Ease of maintenance
  3. Design variation


Ceramic tiles have helped architects implement their visions in the past and present. Historians confirmed that these items were first used by Mesopotamians to decorate their homes before the era of Christ, and these are still being used by many professionals to appease the requests of their clients.

Ceramic tiles in the Philippines are used for decorative purposes because it is easy for ceramic tile manufacturers to come out with different finishes, patterns, textures, and colors thanks to the clay in its material.

Besides its visual strengths stated earlier, it is also technically advantageous. Despite its low price, the design of ceramic and wall tiles in the Philippines have made it stable, water-resistant, and more. Here, you will see the different things Filipino architects and interior designers look for in ceramic tiles.




Durability in its simplest form refers to a floor tile’s ability to withstand all sorts of pressure without being damaged for a long time. Architects, always strive to bring their ideas to life using durable materials because these will perform well during the designing process and after. They understand that their customers need a floor that will be there for a long time.

Unfortunately, there are tiles that can have a weakness from certain elements. For example, some tiles can crack from heavy loads and natural disasters because their material simply cannot handle those.

Fortunately, there are ceramic floor and wall tiles in the Philippines which will not degrade from those forces because its composition is strong since it is made out of sand and clay. Thanks to the binding qualities of sand, clay loses its natural brittleness. After it is baked, it truly becomes a long-lasting tile.


Ease of maintenance

Ease of maintenance

You will know that the tile is easy to maintain if it will not give you a hard time when you are cleaning it. Additionally, it should not easily absorb water or attract dirt that stubbornly sticks to it. When too much liquid has seeped into your tiles, these may detach from its adhesive which can cause the floor to sag.

Ceramic tiles will not give you any of these concerns because they are easy to care for. These tiles have a protective layer made out of glass which prevents liquids from entering and this means you just need to mop or wipe water away. To add, dirt that goes into the grout lines can easily be prevented by the application of a sealant. This give more reason to buy ceramic tiles for a property.


Design variation

When it comes to physical design, an architect looks for size, cut, and appearance. The reason behind this is to have a different variation of these preferences depending on the projects. Thus, it is important that there are design variations of ceramic tiles in the Philippines because It allows them to have more options for them and their clients.

Ceramic tiles are versatile in their design because first, they can come in two forms; glazed and unglazed. Unglazed ceramic is best for clients who want the natural earth-toned look because it has a matte sheen, like the Urban 60x 120 612F12G Gray.


[60x120] 612F12G
[60×120] 612F12G


On the other hand, glazed tiles will always have a sheen or gloss in them and this glaze makes it easy for manufacturers to be creative with their colors and patterns.  If you want a brightly colored floor, you can get the 30×30 170T Roma Blue. Or if you want a more neutral toned one, there is the 30×30 330T Draft Beige.


[30x30] 170T Roma Blue
[30×30] 170T Roma Blue

[30x30] 330T
[30×30] 330T Draft Beige
Ceramic tiles also come in different cuts, depending on the measurements of their size. Square tiles are the industry standard and are favored by architects because their shape is easy to work it. On the other hand, some of them may prefer rectangular shaped ones because it can make a client’s space look larger.


Key Takeaway

Ceramic tiles are useful for architects because not only do they look great but it also has optimized performance. It varied aesthetics give the freedom to be artistic and makes it easier for them to fulfill the different demands of their clients. On the other hand, these tiles will improve the stability of a home because of its inherent reliability. See more types of these tiles here!