5 Affordable Tile Design Ideas for Your Living Room

What are the affordable tile design ideas for your living room?

  1. Try wood-look tiles
  2. Brighten the living room with vibrant colored tiles
  3. Add a stand-out accent wall
  4. Try ceramic tiles
  5. Go eclectic with different textures and shapes


The living room is one of the most important parts of any household. Think about it: most of the time, this is the place where you can just sit back and spend time with guests and family. It should be spruced up to reflect an eye-catching design. Remember that you don’t have to break the bank when doing so as well! As the best tile supplier in the Philippines, we have rounded up plenty of affordable tile designs for your living room. Continue reading to learn more about these.


Try Wood-Look Tiles

Try Wood Look Tiles [20x100] 2100p4

[20×100] 2100P4

Natural wood has continued to uphold its reputation for adding a touch of modern rustic style in interiors. If you seek affordable ways to transform your living room, wood-look tiles like the 2100P4 can be a great alternative to hardwood floors.

It does not only imprint a minimalist and cozy ambiance, but it also goes beyond design by doubling on functionality.

Wood-look tiles are durable and boast good water absorption. It can handle wear and tear significantly and can be installed easily, making it a more cost-efficient option.

To style wood-look tiles, try using elements that have neutral colors to achieve a serene environment and avoid clashing.


Brighten The Living Room with Vibrant Colored Tiles

Brighten The Living Room With Vibrant Colored Tiles

[60×60] M107-4

When it comes to affordability, you don’t always have to stick to one color. Depending on the material used, there are vibrant colored tiles that can be surprisingly cheap.

Go ahead and pick an unusual color or mix of colors. You can even go for colorful speckled tiles to infuse creativity in your living room.


Add A Stand-out Accent Wall Tile

Blank Horizontal Picture Frame Mock Up In Modern Luxury Living R

[30×60] 364D + [60×60] M61

Just like a statement piece of art or a bold piece of furniture, an accent wall tile can create a stand-out impression. Given versatile designs, they can easily transform the look of your living room. It is also a style that is not heavy on the pocket because it is made to be applied to a single strip of wall.

When it comes to accent wall tile, do not be limited to neutral hues. It would be better to explore different textures or colors to break up the space’s design pattern. This is a focal point that can quickly capture the eyes of guests.


Try Ceramic Tiles

Classic Blue Room /3d Render

[40×40] 4040V

Just like wood-look tiles, ceramic tiles are immensely durable. In the simplest form, these make a sensible choice for high-traffic areas because of the ability to withstand all kinds of forces. All these are thanks to the binding qualities of its components: sand and clay.

After the baking process, it can become one of the longest-lasting tiles.

Using ceramic tiles proves to be an affordable option. Of course, it is versatile enough to match with a wide array of design ideas. Your living room can replicate almost any look and feel if you use ceramic tiles. Make a bold statement by going for minimalist accessories such as abstract paintings, modern vases, and industrial furniture pieces.


Go Eclectic with Different Textures and Shapes

Modern & Luxury House Drawing & Dinning Room Premium Photo

[60×60] G0AC-51QEA

Being eclectic means bringing up a unified vibe using a mixture of textures and styles. You can infuse the living room with different textured surfaces or a distinctive geometric pattern to create a unique yet cohesive statement.

For example, you can try adding the same color motif for the walls, floors, furniture, and even accessories. Take a look at how the photo above made use of neutral grey elements. It contrasts dull designs with stand-out textures and shapes.


Key Takeaway

This guide rounded up some of the best affordable tile design ideas for your living room. Keep in mind that you don’t always have to break the bank when sprucing up this essential part of the house.

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