5 Affordable Design Ideas for Your Kid’s Room

What are affordable design ideas for a kid’s room?

  1. Reuse and Repurpose Pieces
  2. Display Their Art
  3. Bring Your Walls and Floors to Life
  4. Choosing Multi-Functional Pieces
  5. Display Their Book Collection


Preparing for the arrival of your little one? Or maybe you’ve decided that it’s finally time to give your child their very own room. Whatever the case may be, we’re sure that you’ve been swooning over images of beautifully decorated rooms. You’ve also probably gone back and forth on the expensive furniture you’ve discovered online, contemplating if you should make a purchase or not. We’re here to tell you that you don’t need to break the bank when it comes to creating a beautiful space of your little one. Today, we present you with five inspiring affordable kids room ideas you can try out!


Reuse and Repurpose Pieces

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Don’t throw away old pieces of furniture just yet! Now is the perfect time to make use of it. Even if it doesn’t match the aesthetics you want for your space, there are many ways you can reuse and repurpose it to cater to the space of your little one. Give them a makeover and bring them to life by using some paint or decorative tape. Furthermore, you can also give a new life and purpose to those unused bins and baskets that are lying around the house. These can be used to organize toys and essentials!


Display Their Art

Skip purchasing paintings and prints to frame or hang up on your child’s space. Showcase their artwork instead! It is a great way to brighten up the room and add a bit of personal touch. Not only will this provide you visually pleasing and cost-effective decorating benefits, but showcasing your child’s art will have them feel more confident and proud of their work.


Bring Your Walls and Floors to Life

Bring Your Walls And Floors To Life

There’s no better way to set the whole mood and theme of the space than through the walls and floors. They are the biggest elements of the room. There are also many cost-effective ways to go about this. You can get creative or paint the wall yourself, use some stickers, or even have vinyl tiles installed. Vinyl tiles are both affordable, durable, and best of all, stain-free! It is perfect to have installed in kid’s rooms! Furthermore, since vinyl is so cost-efficient, it will be easier for you to swap them out and change them as your child ages.


Choosing Multi-Functional Furniture

Another way to cut costs is to think long-term. As your child grows up, their needs change. Don’t go all out in purchasing pieces of interior and furniture! Get a hold of only the essentials. In the case where you do go furniture shopping, purchase multi-functional pieces such as a study desk, storage solutions, and organizers. This way, they can maximize the use of it, even as they age.


Display Their Book Collection

Display Their Book Collection

Are the corners of the room empty for you? Consider displaying their book collection! You will definitely appreciate the presentation of books being gathered on shelves. This will even come more in handy if your kid is a lover of books. To add to that, displaying your book collection isn’t limited to bookshelves alone. There are many places in the space where you can display books such as windowsills, hutches, small tables, and hard to reach storage!


Key Takeaway

Decorating doesn’t have to break the bank. There are tons of easy and affordable kids room ideas you can try to achieve the perfect space that you’ve always wanted for your little one. All it takes is just a little creativity and inspiration! If you’re looking for decorative and practical tiles to add to your kid’s room, FC Tile Depot would be more than happy to accommodate your needs. We have an extensive range of ground-breaking and fun styles you can choose from. Click here to see our products!