Advantages of Using Brick Tiles

What are the advantages of using brick tiles?

  1. Durable
  2. Easy to Install
  3. Diverse Design Selections


When it comes to materials used in home construction, bricks have become one of the most fundamental elements that helped create a countless number of homes. While bricks have become one of the standard components for various houses and buildings, the emergence of brick tiles in the Philippines has led to a higher demand for brick-like alternatives. These materials offer immense durability and are easier to apply during the building process.


Advantages of Using Brick Tiles

Brick tiles have become a more common feature among homes and buildings. They have now become a more convenient tiling option that offers great quality and diverse designs that will surely improve your home’s overall aesthetic. Here are some of the advantages of using brick tiles over traditional brick.



While a traditional has a good degree of strength, they are more susceptible to wear and tear which can affect the overall home structure. Through the use of brick tiles, you would be able to have home design options that are more durable. This makes it ideal for both outdoor and indoor areas. These tiles are made with the highest quality, ensuring that they have a long lifespan while remaining strong and easy to maintain.


Easy to Install

Easy To Install

With the process becoming a standard building procedure, traditional bricklaying is a practice that has been around for several centuries. While this process has been refined and improved over the years, it is still a process that takes a lot of time. Making way for bricklaying can affect the building time of the rest of your home. By utilizing brick tiles, you would be able to avoid these inconveniences, as the procedure for installing these tiles is much easier and more efficient.

The benefit of installing tiles is that they do not drastically hamper your home’s building process. Builders can focus on the central house construction before adding the tiles themselves. Along with being easy to install, the process of replacing or repairing brick tiles is easier as well. You would not need to remove large sections of tiles as you would do on bricks. You would only need to repair and remove individual tiles, making sure that it would not affect the surrounding area.


Diverse Design Selection

While the classic brick design has remained as one of the more iconic choices, the number of traditional brick designs can be few, limiting your home to only a select number of options. This makes brick tiles the best choice for your home design, as you are able to choose from a wide variety of tile patterns that will surely add a much-needed style boost for your home.


Best Brick Tile Designs

From old-fashioned design ideas to more natural and homely options, here are the best brick tile designs that are great fits for your home.


Modern Zen

Tile Bricks Sample 3 30x60 K6p373

If you are looking for a design that evokes a tranquil yet modern feel, choosing the 30×60 K6P373 brick tile design is the best bet for your home. With a contemporary look that is a great fit for areas like your bathroom or garden, this is the best design option that will allow you to create the perfect calming experience for your home.


Rustic and Homely

Tile Bricks Sample 2 30x60 I 3608

If you are looking for a design that is cozy and inviting, then choosing the 30×60 I-3608 will provide you with the best in terms of rustic charm.  With natural stone brick patterns, these tiles are the best choice for your home’s garden and other exterior areas.


Natural Stone

Tile Bricks Sample 30x60 I 3607

Another great set of natural stone brick tile designs, the 30×60 I-3607 is also an exemplary option that will surely level up your home. Providing a natural stone pattern reminiscent of Mediterranean designs, this set of tiles can significantly enhance exterior design styles that are great for patios.


Key Takeaway

Bricks have remained as one of the most important building materials around. But by using brick tiles, you have the main benefit of an easier and more convenient installation process. Brick tiles can emulate the classic designs of old while also opening up a wide range of home design options depending on your preference. Visit the nearest FC Tile Depot to learn about brick tiles and the most versatile designs available!