Achieve An Urban Modern Interior with the Grayscale Collection

How can you achieve an urban modern interior with the Grayscale Collection?

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You’ve probably seen the big influence of the urban modern interior design trend everywhere – from places like restaurants, commercial establishments, coffee shops, and shopping malls. But lately, it’s found its way into many homes over the past few years. If you live a demanding lifestyle with long workdays, being welcomed in a harmonious and peaceful home is essential – and this is what urban modern design is all about. It aims and attempts to transform spaces into a comfortable, homey, and soft environment. This aesthetic combines the subtle harmony of minimalist, contemporary, industrial, and modern elements. Made to provide a haven from the cosmopolitan buzz, interiors bring an equal touch of sleek and soft design with an overall cozy feel.

A home that brings in sophistication and serenity together is an oasis you surely need. If this relaxed lifestyle is appealing to you, incorporating the Grayscale collection is your best route in achieving the urban modern interior for your next home makeover.



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Combining both edgy and minimalist, Urban Modern décor is a softer appeal of the industrial touch. Since urban design calls for the use of monotones over bright colors, using grayscale tiles is suitable for living room floors, kitchen floors up to bathroom walls.

The vast application of this tile on your space will instill the union of natural materials with a steady urban vibe. These surfaces are both stunning and minimalist when paired with neutral-colored furniture. In the living room, for example, white and nude colors should be atop the grey. For the bathroom, both walls and floors could be lined with this tile to provide a cool, modern elegance. Most minimalist houses are lined with this canvass. This tile will give you freer décor and the application of more design elements. This makes a great backdrop for wall decors and art canvasses.

Since urban design requires subtle continuity, this tile finish could also be applicable on smaller surfaces like kitchen countertops and backsplashes. Coupled with monotones, its stone-like appearance is nothing short of elegance when lined on your bathroom. It can go as far as being on your walls and floors up to your sink or bathtub. The rich patterns compare to the elegance of marble. No matter the scale, the finish will transform your space into a more luxurious yet meek and laid back ambiance.



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There is no better way to compliment urban with modern design by incorporating natural elements indoors. Unlike plain canvasses, having natural elements on your surfaces adds a feeling of movement and uniqueness. This design works pretty well in all areas of your living space. It can be on your bathrooms, kitchen, and hallways.

This highly versatile design is also made fit for tiling patios and garden pathways. Lined with ash grey color and varying stone-like patterns, this finish mingles well on both outdoor and indoor design.

Incorporating this in your living room will heighten its chic urban style especially when paired with metallic tones. Walls covered in coarse are also perfect for instilling accents of nature such as indoor plants.

Instead of plain walls, the inherent grey colors work better on your living room walls so as to avoid too much minimalism and achieve an edgy touch to it. Paired with long drapes and huge windows for generous lighting, this will make a cozy and relaxing visual.

To instill balance, muted pastel colors and small doses of warm hues will make an enhancing visual appeal on kitchen floors atop neutral colored countertops. Overall, this tile finish exudes the alluring union of both minimalist and modern design.


Key Takeaway

The Grayscale Collection the key is to satisfy yourself with a home with urban modern interior design that will comfort you and welcome you after a long tiring day. Click here to check out more world-class collections with FC Tile Depot!