5 Mix-and-Match Tips for a Creative, Sophisticated Bathroom Tile Style


They say that the bathroom is a good representation of one’s home. For people who love to play with patterns, a mix-and-match bathroom tile style would be a great design idea. While there are many ways to achieve a perfect mix-and-match tile style, it is best to have a clear idea on how you would like your bathroom to look. Since tile style plays a crucial role in a bathroom’s aesthetic value, it is important to be prepared before you shop for tiles. Here are some tips that will guide you in combining tiles for a creative and sophisticated bathroom:


1. Balance busy patterns

Create balance in your bathroom look by combining small and large-scale patterns. Make use of small statement tiles on the backsplash or any small areas for an intricate design. Then, combine them with large-scale plain tiles to maintain balance. It is important not to overdo your pattern combinations so as to achieve elegance and sophistication.


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2. Play with patterns, but observe consistency

One rule when playing with patterns is to observe consistency. When deciding which patterns to combine, always choose two tile designs at most. Combining several tile designs will most likely make it look like everything is all over the place.


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3. Go with matte and glossy combinations

Innovative bathroom designs are a trend nowadays. High-gloss, beveled-edged subway tiles go brilliantly with the supple encaustic finish of monochrome floor tiles.


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4. Vary shape, not color

For a simple yet stylish design, use two tile designs in the same color but in different shapes. The grout lines will form the pattern, which will also serve as the prime design of your bathroom. To make it more interesting, pick a contrasting shade and pair it with white tiles or glossy plank tiles.


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5. Limit color palette

A bathroom with various surfaces would best work with a restricted color palette. Colors such as gray and white can give off an elegant look.


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