3 Tips on How to Make a Small Room Look Bigger

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Small rooms are quite practical, and they are also ideal for a small group of people. While they give off an intimate appeal, one may have a tendency to feel overwhelmed with stuff that he has due to a limited space. Cluttered and cramped rooms are not that pleasing to the eye, but there is always a trick to make your room look bigger. Here are some ideas on how you can create an illusion of a larger and spacious room:


1. Flooring

Different flooring in every room makes individual rooms appear smaller as they chop up the visual space. To unify the look of your rooms and to create a visually wider expanse of space, use the same flooring across the whole area of your house.



2. Colors

A cohesive color scheme will give your home a sense of flow. When choosing a color palette, always select pale, natural colors as they have a tendency to make your home appear airy and spacious. Also, to visually expand a room, you may opt to paint the walls of with light neutral colors.



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3. Reflective surfaces

Reflective surfaces bounce around the light. Thus, glossy flooring, lacquered furniture, or mirrored surfaces can create light and depth, naturally making a room look bigger.


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