2021 Bathroom Tile Design Trends

What are the 2021 bathroom tile design trends?

  1. Tile border
  2. Color of the year
  3. Terrazzo-look flooring
  4. 20×30 patterned
  5. Industrial-look


Interior design enthusiasts know that using tiles is one of the most versatile ways to breathe life into the bathroom. As a tile supplier in the Philippines, FC Tile Depot offers endless choices for bathroom tile shapes, colors, and textures. Now that we are two months through the year, it is the perfect time to discover the 2021 bathroom tile trends!

Over the last decade, there are bathroom tile trends that are making a comeback with an added modern touch. There are also others that have expanded into new design frontiers that won’t go out of style any time soon.

From the quintessential terrazzo, eye-catching borders, the industrial-look, to tiles that infuse Pantone’s Color of the Year — here are the 2021 bathroom tile trends you should watch out for. We listed below some ideas on how to style them as well. Read on to find out more!


Tile Border

Tile Border

[9.8×30] YF1031 Border, [60×60] LF6833, 53XSW6

When you take a closer look at the intricate details, you can instantly tell apart how a trendy bathroom differs from an ordinary and dull bathroom. One of the best ways to make a bathroom stand out this 2021 is to use tile borders with interesting designs.

A bathroom is typically the smallest space in the house, but it can still make a big style statement. If you focus on infusing a tile border with an eye-catching style, it can easily become a work of art and add a pop of color to your bathroom. This is the time to show off your creativity.

Even a single stripe of tile border can be associated with luxury if you use a bold color and geometric design like the YF1031.

To achieve a complete luxury-look, go for matching gold-adorned fixtures. You can opt for neutral basins and cabinets with gold-lined recessed mirrors. Add your choice of accessories such as neutral floral arrangements and pendant lights to unify the space.

Want your bathroom to exude a serene spa-like ambiance? Matching a pebbled tile border with light wood walls will make you love taking baths every day because it gives off a relaxing vibe.


Color of The Year

Color Of The Year

[10×20] 12GCL3 + [60×120] Y1AC-61QE

You will find no better tile design trend to style your bathroom than with the Color of the Year. For 2021, Pantone revealed two shades: Ultimate Gray and Illuminating, which is a vibrant yellow.

According to the color institute, the two independent colors signify strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting — an encouraging message for the past rough year. It does not come off as a surprise for avid home designers to make these colors a part of their bathroom.

You might find it challenging to design with the two colors. But, the idea is to not let the hues collide, instead let them complement each other. For this trend, you can use the Illuminating color as a standout accent wall. Remember that you don’t have to stick to traditional ways of laying tiles as well. Take a look at how the photo above made use of vibrant subway tiles and surrounded with all gray elements.

Another style tip for the Color of the Year bathroom trend is to pair the Ultimate Gray tiles with a yellow furniture piece or accessory. This can include a couch, vase, throw pillow, fuzzy rug, or lamp. The goal is to find a contrasting balance.


Terrazzo-Look Flooring

Terrazzo Look Flooring

[30×30] 340T + [30×30] I-3460

The terrazzo look is not entirely new. You have probably seen these used in commercial spaces like grocery stores and malls, but it is definitely making a comeback when it comes to 2021 bathroom tile trends.

Terrazzo-look is at the forefront of trends given its stylish design options. There are virtually endless terrazzo tile colors and patterns coming out. It can resemble splattered paint and create illusions of fragments from glass, marble, and quartz. Moreover, the smooth and polished finish keeps it looking modern.

To style a standout terrazzo-look flooring, don’t be afraid to match it with bold-colored accent walls and accessories. Check out how the pastel wall and vases paired with the crisp white terrazzo-look tiles. Alternatively, you can use white terrazzo-look tiles, white walls, and pastel sinks or cabinets.


20×30 Patterned

20x30 Patterned

[20×30] 414

Simply put, 20×30 patterned tiles are square vertical tiles. For this bathroom design trend, the idea is to choose a striking pattern and lay the tiles in a unique manner. Instead of the vertical straight set, choose a subway pattern.

In this bathroom photo, you’ll see that the white marble-look tile has been incorporated to match the modern fixtures and furniture. While the design may not take up the entire bathroom, its subtlety has a complementing effect, thanks to the wood sink and metal finishes that surround it.



Industrial Look

[10×30] 13GAW1 + [60×60] P141-4

With the modern style rising to popularity, it comes as no surprise for industrial-look tiles to remain a topic for 2021 bathroom tile trends. When you think of the industrial look, chances are oversized black metal windows, cement floors, exposed bulb pendant lights, and touches of wood come to mind. After all, it marries sleek modernity with old factory charms.

When designing with this tile design, lean on neutral colors such as gray, black, and shades of white. For bathrooms that want more brightness, opting for a crisp white wall tile is perfect. On the floor, cement-look tiles can unify the elements together.


Key Takeaway

In this list, we’ve rounded up several 2021 bathroom tile trends. From industrial looks to incorporating the Color of the Year, these styles can serve as an inspiration for sprucing up your bathroom.

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